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Tavener conducts Tavener

Alan Tavener directs Cappella Nova in this unique tribute disc featuring many world premiere recordings of gorgeous choral works by Sir John Tavener.  A very personal sequence, the programme tracks our 25 year association with Sir John (Alan’s third cousin), including pieces specially written for us: ‘Ikon of the Nativity’, ‘A Buddhist Miniature’, ‘Two Hadiths’, and ‘Paradise Choir’ from ‘Resurrection’) as well as rarely heard  works such as ‘Take him, Earth, for Cherishing’ and ‘Sunrise in your Heart’ alongside his most famous piece, ‘The Lamb’.   It’s an ideal gift as there are several Advent and Christmas works in the programme.  Sung with passion and dedication, this album is a true labour of love from us all, celebrating the memory of one of the most original, beloved, and far-reaching composers of recent times.

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“John Tavener’s music has always moved me – even as  an atheist.  Listening to this album I was overwhelmed  and despite this, much to my surprise, I went back and  listened to some of it again thereby completely knocking for  six my day’s work schedule.  Since then I have continued to dip into it. Favourites? The  harmony of ‘A New Commandment’ appeals to me especially and  the vocal textures of ‘O That We Were There!’ are sublime. The  album is a tribute to John Tavener’s memory and a  testament to the interpretive skills of his cousin whose deft touches can be heard and  felt on every track.”

Tommy Fowler (composer)